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Change Through Bible Tampering; A Few Fingerprints

Here are a few quotes from this video: (full transcript)

"New World Order, or NWO. What is it?

In its simplest form, it's basically two things:
1. It's a world without God.
2. It's a world without reminders of God."

Quoting Manley P. Hall:
  • ..."World problems will not be solved except by creating a solution up through and out through the people themselves; and so, no postwar program can be successful unless at least three and probably five generations of social conditioning goes with it."..."The way of that conditioning would be the one used in Central Europe to condition Nazi Minds".... 
  • ..."Teaching it would have to start in the first grade of the public schools." 
  • ... "For the last hundred years we have been trying to get out an edition of the Bible that is reasonably correct; but nobody wants it. What's wanted is the good old King James version"... 
...Never mind Hall totally made up a false teaching in order to slam the King James Bible-believers. Note what he said: "For the last hundred years WE have been trying to get out an edition of the Bible that is reasonably correct."

Who is "we"? Hall is an occultist. Who was he involved with? And what did "they" do to the Bible, between 1844 and 1944?  (Codex sinaticus from which all the new age translations are derived, was "discovered" in 1844.) What does an occultist, who doesn't believe the Bible, have to do with "fixing" the Bible?

In Hall's April 1, 1935 monthly newsletter, Hall said this: "Of importance to students of occultism is the fact that the Codex Sinaiticus contains many passages suppressed from the published Gospels. These passages in many cases greatly alter the significance of the text."

Add to this the problem of Constatine Simonides, an expert palaeographer, went to his grave claiming that he and his uncle (Benedict) created what became known as the "Codex Sinaticus" to be a gift to the Czar of Russia.

Here are some comments in a letter written by occutist Helana Blavatsky concerning the "discovery" of the Codex Sinaiticus by Constantine von Tischendorf at St. Cathrine's Monestary.

Here is an article that explains a little about the connections of Wescott and Hort, and Helena Blavatsky to the translation issue. The author comments, "Wherever we find spiritualism, occultism and satanism, we find the infallibililty of the King James Bible decried, and the RV exalted"

Quotes from Q & A page of Doc Marquis; former Illuminati witch:
  • "A: I will NEVER change my stance in regards to the Authorize 1611 King James Translation of the Holy Scriptures. It is a perfect English translation while the other 100+ are nothing but Illuminati perversions designed to create confusion and dissension, along with making sure folks would have an almost near impossible time trying to get saved through those perverted texts."
  • "Q: ... I know you only use the KJV 1611 Bible version, so do I, I was just wondering which Bible version do most former satanist turned Christian use and why do most of them choose that particular Bible version after coming out of the occult? A: It’s the one that the Illuminati know is the true version and that the others they created in the 70’s and after all perversions because they made them that way. "
  • Q: "...regarding the Illuminati - why do they hide their symbols everywhere? When watching your videos, specifically the ones about the layout of Washington DC, I keep thinking that it does look rather strange... - why would they even go to the trouble? I thought they wanted to keep their business a secret. ...A: Understand, they do those thing to "mark their territories". In other words, this shows that such and such place has been claimed for Lucifer. That’s the straight and short of it; they’re simply marking the territories they have claimed for Lucifer.
Here are a few passages of which to test for significant changes:
  • If one hears the challenge that the Bible says it is lying, they get that from Jeremiah 8:8 being changed.  The wording "in vain" means "no one is listening".  Changed versions say "lying".
  • In the changed versions, look at who is in the fire with Radshack, Michak and Abendigo in Daniel 3:25the son of G_d (Jesus), or the son of the "gods".
  • Is Jesus going to be with us till the end of the world, or does he check out when the old age of Pisces ends and before the new age of Aquarius starts. Matthew 28:20
  • Is the end of Mark 16:9-19 missing or footnoted? 
  • Is Acts 8:37 missing or footnoted? 
  • Compare the "test of the spirit" given in 1 John 4:3.  If it leaves out the words "in the flesh" it does not pass the very "test of the spirit" being described.
  • The claim that the trinity is not in the Bible is only true in changed translations.  The trinity is in 1 John 4:7. in Textus Receptus versions.
For anyone learning or helping others to navigate the translation issue, I highly recommend getting a copy of the Hendrickson Parallel Bible.  It has 4 versions sided by side on each page with the Textus Receptus (KJV) on the far left. The next column has a mixed version with both Sinaiticus and Textus Receptus intertwined (NKJV). Then the other 2 versions are both Sinaiticus only (NIV and NLT).  It is quite helpful to see the changes side by side.  You can see, very quickly, the KJV being the only one staying constant.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Change Via PSYOPS Drills For Children In Elementary Schools

I had a conversation with a recent highschool graduate from an area hundreds of miles away from the inicident described in this video who told me his school had an incident with the exact same story; might both these terrifying incidents have been staged?  Prolog: I have since heard the same story involving a third school.

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Change Through Prussian Education, Propaganda, And Pragmatism - Dewey's Design For Modern US Schooling

Hermann Rauschning was a Nazi insider turned whistleblower who wrote the book "Revolution Through Nihilism: A Warning To The West" in 1939.

In this book he exposes the techniques of how the Nazi party took power in Germany by duping the trusting and the gullible and teaching them how they can avoid unpleasant education by using political correctness to silence people who made them feel "less smart" and by calling them paranoid or "conspiracy theorist".  We all know how that turned out; what a price to pay for mass laziness.

You can download the full text here.

Check out this description of a document you can download on Dewey's plan: 


Education for Social Change Humanistic education began in the U.S.A. in the progressive education movement, which dates from about 1905, and its founder is John Dewey, a pragmatist ("what works is good") and a Humanist (first President of the American Humanist Society, and a signatory to Humanist Manifesto I). He aimed to introduce into the U.S.A. National Socialism, later known in Germany as Nazism, which he called "Collectivism", and to use the schools as instruments of social change to bring this about . (18) Dewey changed the aim, content and methods of education in the U.S.A. In 1905 he organised, along with some Fabians, the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, which in 1921 changed its name to the League for Industrial Democracy, and this in turn formed in 1962 an action arm called the Students for a Democratic Society. The aim of the League was to put into the classroom teachers, into the pulpits preachers and into the trade unions leaders who were collectivists (reflecting the Fabian method) . Early in the century, Dewey formed the Progressive Education Association, and the American Association of University Professors, also committed to the goal of collectivizing the U .S.A. (19) The schools were seen as essential to the task: "Nothing less than thoroughgoing reconstruction is demanded, and there is no institution known to the mind of man that can compass the problem except education." (20) Implementation of the plan was to be mainly through social studies, developed chiefly at that time by Dr George Counts .

Change Through Intolerance Of Conscience

The Rise Of The Same-Sex Marriage Dissidents

Eich broke the rules of the game. 
Suddenly everything appears in another light.

Just days after being named CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich was forced out because he is an opponent of same-sex marriage. After declining opportunities to recant his views, he “voluntarily” decided to step down. Responses have been all over the map.
A writer at Slate actually tried to justify the termination as a good thing. Libertarian Nick Gillespie said he was “ambivalent” about Eich’s removal but that Eich’s resignation simply “shows how businesses respond to market signals.” And even conservatives weren’t rallying behind Eich on the grounds that marriage is an institution designed around sexual complementarity so much as by saying that even if he’s wrong, conscience should be protected.
At the end of the day, they’re all wrong. Or at least not even close to understanding the problem with Eich’s firing. Political differences with CEOs, even deep political differences, are something adults handle all the time. Most of us know that what happened held much more significance than anodyne market forces having their way. And Eich shouldn’t be protected on the grounds that one has the right to be wrong. See, Eich wasn’t hounded out of corporate life because he was wrong. He was hounded out of corporate life because he was right. His message strikes at the root of a popular but deeply flawed ideology that can not tolerate dissent.
What we have in Eich is the powerful story of a dissident.
And what we have in Eich is the powerful story of a dissident — one that forces those of us who are still capable of it to pause and think deeply on changing marriage laws and a free society.

Vaclav Havel and the Greengrocer

To explain, let’s revisit an old essay by Vaclav Havel, the Czech playwright, poet, dissident and eventual president. Havel, who died in 2011, was a great man of freedom, if somewhat idiosyncratic in his political views. He was a fierce anti-communist who was also wary of consumerism, a long-time supporter of the Green Party who favored state action against global warming, and a skeptic of ideology who supported civil unions for same-sex couples.
It’s about crushing the belief that the sexes are distinct in deep and meaningful ways that contribute to human flourishing.
The Power of the Powerless,” written under a communist regime in 1978, is his landmark essay about dissent. It’s a wonderful read, no matter your political persuasion. It asks everyone to look at how they contribute to totalitarian systems, with no exceptions. It specifically says its message is “a kind of warning to the West,” revealing our own latent tendencies to set aside our moral integrity. Reading it again after the Eich dismissal, I couldn’t help but think of how it applies to our current situation in the States.
“The post-totalitarian system demands conformity, uniformity, and discipline,” Havel wrote, using the term he preferred over “dictatorship” for the complex system of social control experienced in Czechoslovakia. We also have a system that is demanding conformity, uniformity and discipline — it’s not just about marriage law, to be honest. It’s really about something much bigger — crushing the belief that the sexes are distinct in deep and meaningful ways that contribute to human flourishing.  (read full article)

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Change With The Help Of "Pastors"

(Full article here)

"In Davos, the most powerful leaders in the world joined together in a convergence like none other. Who came to the table? Rick Warren and Brian McLaren. These two religious “superpowers” are now actively seeking sizable funding for global unity projects (Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan and McLaren’s brand new “convergence plan,” respectively.

The following article from Sarah is full of links to keep you busy for awhile. But trust me, it is worth the effort you will spend to be informed: Rick Warren & Brian McLaren at DAVOS By Sarah Leslie ~ Originally published at Herescope and reprinted here.

Says Felix Salmon of UpStart Business Journal:

The biggest surprise of Davos so far for me? Rick Warren. Being a cosmopolitan atheist type, I’d heard of him, of course, but thought he was, well, author of a bestselling self-help book and pastor of a megachurch somewhere. What I didn’t realise was that he’s been coming to Davos for years, and that he can work his magic on Masters of the Universe – and cynical hacks – just as much as he can on his congregation at home.
"If you’re a global leader, you have to realise that the future of the world is not secularism,” he (Rick Warren), said at a panel on faith and modernity moderated by Tony Blair. “There is going to be more religion, not less. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is.”"
(Full article here)

If that isn't bad enough, check out this quote by Rick Warren, “I actually learned the idea of a campaign, from the Communists, of all people.  Years ago, there was a book written called, Dedication and Leadership.  It was written in the fifties, by the head of the Communist Party of England, who converted to Christ.  He actually became a Catholic.  And he wrote this book on what the Church could learn from the Communists, not about “doctrine” but you know, we know our doctrine, but what were some of the tools that they used to help win converts to Communism, and he wrote this book called Dedication and Leadership.  It is still in print, by Notre Dame Press.  It’s not a very well-known book, but it’s Douglas Hyde–if you are a pastor and you want to pick it up.” 

 This video shows him say this here at the 8:15 minute mark: 

Above video is posted here

If you don't see this as a problem with this, look what the Blaze reported on what the Russian News Agency "Pravda" had to say about those using Communist techniques:

"Pravda made a bold statement over the weekend: the communists have won in America with Barack Obama. Why? Because, much like Russia’s past communist leaders, Americans re-elected him for a second term without so much as a stated economic strategy for success. Not even Glenn could disagree with the Russian “news” outlet.
“This is Pravda. And they are saying Obama is bringing America old‑style Soviet Communist practices."  (full article here)

Next, we have Warren in this video talking about using the tactics of Hitler (see the video in the above video on "Transendental Meditation" being used by Hitler)

What is problematic here is that Rick Warren is supposedly a "disciple" of Jesus which means he follows Jesus' instruction and tries to emulate Jesus according to Jesus' instruction, but the tactics of Communism, and Nazism rely on communing with evil spirits or demons to bring about world power under one entity. And that one entity is not the Jesus of the Bible.  These two ideas are irreconcilable.

All Pastors and Americans alike, like the one making the comment above, need to educate themselves on "Communism" so that they don't fall prey to what  Richard Wurmbrand, who was tortured in a Communist prison for 14 years for preaching the Gospel, founder of Voice of The Martyrs, discovered: a Communist department specifically for subversion of churches called "Orginform"

In his book, "Marx: Prophet Of Darkness", Wurbrand writes this:

"A gigantic organism has been created by the Soviet Secret Police to destroy the churches in the whole world. Their first aim is to cancel or minimise the hostility of religions toward Communism. Additionally, they seek allies within the churches so they may use clerical prestige to bring the mass of believers into the camp of revolution. The name of this department is Orginform. It has secret cells in every country, in every large religious organisation. One can assume that anti-Communist organisations and missions working behind the Iron Curtain are its main target. Communist agents specialising in propaganda and provocation infiltrate churches and missions to prepare the ideological disarmament of the faithful.
These schools prepare false pastors, priests, imams, and rabbis; each must understand thoroughly their respective theology. Some of them entrench themselves in churches or missions by posing as refugees. ...  Full text here
I also highly recommend the above book and Wurmbrand's other book, "Marx and Satan" (full text here).

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"Change" Though The Angry Mob

This petition was a satire to wake people up, but notice how many people were undaunted by the suggestion of taking away the rights of one group dedicated to do right and love others in the name of their leader.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 Quotes on "Change" Via Elite Hijacking Of So Called "Education"

Education for Social Change
SEPTEMBER 18, 2012

Education has long been recognized as a major tool for social transformation. The latest edition of Forcing Change, which has been up for a while and available for download to Forcing Change members, focuses on this education-transformation paradigm.

Here are some quotes, from diverse sources, highlighting education for social change.Image
1. “I have suggested that the textbooks be rewritten in terms of right human relations and not from the present nationalistic and separative angles… To all of these I would like to add that one of our immediate educational objectives must be the elimination of the competitive spirit and the substitution of the cooperative consciousness.”

- Alice Bailey [a leading occultist who influenced Robert Muller, founder of the United Nations World Core Curriculum], Education in the New Age (Lucis Trust), p.74.

2. “Educational institutions play an important part in most societies as agents of social control, cultural change, and, not least, social selection.”

- A.H. Halsey, “Education and Social Selection,” Power and Ideology in Education (Oxford University Press, 1977), p.167.

(read more...)

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Immanentizing the Eschaton: The Gnostic Myth of Darwinism and Socio-political Utopianism

- by Phillip D. Collins ©, Mar. 28th, 2005

Darwinism and the Rise of Gnosticism

With the publication of The Da Vinci Code and the release of the Matrix films, Gnosticism has experienced a cultural revival in the West. Is the rise of Gnostic thinking simply a fleeting trend, like the outrageous clothing that Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera wear one day and never don again? Perhaps. Yet, it is interesting to note that the popularization of Darwinian evolution preceded Gnosticism's ascendancy in the West. The significance of this fact becomes evident when one reads the words of Dr. Wolfgang Smith:
“As a scientific theory, Darwinism would have been jettisoned long ago. The point, however, is that the doctrine of evolution has swept the world, not on the strength of its scientific merits, but precisely in its capacity as a Gnostic myth. It affirms, in effect, that living beings created themselves, which is in essence a metaphysical claim… Thus, in the final analysis, evolutionism is in truth a metaphysical doctrine decked out in scientific garb. In other words, it is a scientistic myth. And the myth is Gnostic, because it implicitly denies the transcendent origin of being; for indeed, only after the living creature has been speculatively reduced to an aggregate of particles does Darwinist transformism become conceivable. Darwinism, therefore, continues the ancient Gnostic practice of depreciating ‘God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth.’ It perpetuates, if you will, the venerable Gnostic tradition of ‘Jehovah bashing.’ And while this in itself may gladden Gnostic hearts, one should not fail to observe that the doctrine plays a vital role in the economy of Neo-Gnostic thought, for only under the auspices of Darwinist ‘self-creation’ does the Good News of ‘self-salvation’ acquire a semblance of sense.” (242-43)
In light of this intriguing observation, one could view the current rise of Gnosticism as the natural corollary of Darwinism's unquestionable epistemological primacy in the West. The current Gnostic revival could represent the next stage of Darwinism's metastasis.
It is interesting to note that the British Royal Society, the Masonic institution responsible for the promulgation of Darwinism, rigorously imposed a division between science and theology upon the halls of scientific inquiry. Webster Tarpley characterizes this division as "literally Gnostic." Indeed, the restriction of scientific research to the corporeal machinations of nature is redolent of Gnostic thinking. It is a distortion of Platonic metaphysics, the conceptual framework of which emphasizes a separation of the corporeal (the Becoming) and the incorporeal (the Being). This framework bears close resemblance to the traditional Christian Weltanschauung, which divides existence into the spiritual and the physical. However, Gnosticism rejected the Christian Eschaton of heaven and hell. This is where the distortion begins.
According to Gnosticism, the physical universe is hell. Corporeal existence is a prison that fetters man through the demonic agents of space and time. However, through revelatory experience (gnosis), the sensate being of man could be transformed and this hell could become heaven. Guided by this Gnostic axiom, the Freemasonic Royal Society redirected scientific attention exclusively towards the material world. By focusing scientific efforts upon the temporal spatial realm, the members of the Royal Society probably hoped to see the eventual transformation of the irredeemable physical realm into the "immanentized Eschaton" of an earthly heaven.  (Read More...)

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"Change" By Brainwashing Through The School System

In the video below, Charlotte Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor for the Dept Of Education under Ronald Reagan discusses the above video, and more, in this electrifying interview:

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The New Order of Barbarians, Part 1 of 10

Videos and transcript

This site contains an audio transcript of tapes called the "New Order of Barbarians". These transcripts were provided by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan in 1988 and are his recollection of a speech given March 20, 1969 by Dr. Richard Day who was an insider of "The Order". Dr. Dunegan recorded his recollection of this speech by Dr. Richard Day in 1988 and died shortly thereafter, in 1989. Dr. Dugegan reveals what is (or was) intended for the future of America and the entire world, plus we reveals how the powers-that-be indend to manipulate the masses and implement this plan.

Following is a list of topics covered:
IS there a power, A force or a group of men organizing and redirecting change?
"Everything is in place and nobody can stop us now . . ."
People will have to get used to change – everything will change, constantly
The REAL and the "STATED" goals
Population Control
Permission to have babies
Redirecting the purpose of sex - sex without reproduction and reproduction without sex
Sex education as a tool of World Government
Encouraging homosexuality... Sex, anything goes
Uthanasia and the "Demise Pill"
Limiting access to affordable medical care makes eliminating the elderly easier
Planning the control over medicine
Elimination of private doctors
New Difficult to diagnose and untreatable diseases
Suppressing cancer cures as a means of population control.
Inducing heart attacks as a form of assassination
Education as a tool for accelerating the onset of puberty and pushing evolution and MUCH, MUCH, MORE

Counterfeit Bibles Intend To Subvert The True Church; How To Spot One

Terry Watkins * Dial-the-Truth Ministries

Many people write and ask about a certain version of the Bible. With over 200 different English versions available and a new one coming out every 6 months, it’s difficult to individually separate Satan’s counterfeits from the Word of God.
We created 25 simple checks to spot one of Satan’s counterfeits.
If any Bible version fails any one of the following tests – it is one of Satan’s counterfeits. You can click on any of the check verses to display the authentic Word of God for comparison.
Note: This is by no means ALL the fraud and corruption found in the counterfeits. There are thousands of such distortions. This is a simple and quick checklist. Check your Bible and see if it is a counterfeit.
1. Genesis 22:8 The counterfeits change “. . . My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering:. . .” to distort the prophesy that God would become the Lamb. The counterfeits read as, “God will provide for Himself the lamb. . .” or “God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering”. The fulfillment of Genesis 22:8 is found in John 1:29.
2. Isaiah 14:12 Most counterfeits confuse the Lord Jesus Christ with Lucifer. They replace the word “Lucifer” with “morning star, day star, star of the morning”. Morning star is a title reserved for the Lord Jesus in Revelation 22:16. This is also the only time the word “Lucifer” is found in the Word of God. In Isaiah 14:15 the counterfeits do not send Lucifer to “hell” but only to the confusing “Sheol”, or the “grave”.
3. Matthew 20:20 Many counterfeits remove the words “worshipping him” and rob worship from the Lord Jesus Christ. Some will replace “worshipping him” with “kneeling down” or “kneeling before”, but just simply “kneeling” is not worship.
4. Matthew 26:28 Many counterfeits replace the phrase “new testament” with the generic phrase “new agreement” or “new covenant”. This is an obvious attack on the written Word of God. It’s interesting, even though the counterfeits remove the phrase “new testament”, they do not title their New Testaments as “New Agreement” or “New Covenant”. Why? The counterfeiters know they could not sell their counterfeit bearing the title “New Agreement” or “New Covenant” on the cover, so like any good counterfeiter, they disguise it.
5. Mark 3:29 The counterfeits change the serious consequences of blaspheme against the Holy Ghost from “eternal damnation” to “eternal sin” or “eternal condemnation”.
6. Luke 4:4 Many counterfeits remove the last half of Luke 4:4, “. . . but by every word of God” This is another assault on the Word of God. In Luke 4:4, the Lord Jesus Christ is quoting Deuteronomy 8:3. Do the counterfeiters believe the Lord Jesus does not know what Deuteronomy 8:3 says?
7. Luke 4:8 Many counterfeits remove the words “get thee behind me, Satan”. Here the Lord Jesus Christ openly rebukes Satan – but the counterfeits do not rebuke Satan.
8. Luke 16:23 Many counterfeits refuse to translate the Greek word “haides”. Rather than translate “haides” to the word “hell”, the counterfeit will transliterate the Greek word “haides” into the English “hades”. By this trick the counterfeit attempts to extinguish the flames of hell. Hades is not “hell”. Hell is flames, torments, weeping and wailing, complete darkness – forever. Hades is a new-age place of purification, or a fantasy place in Greek mythology. The Assyrian Hades is an abode of blessedness with silver skies called Happy Fields.
9. John 4:24 Many counterfeits change “God is a spirit” to “God is spirit”. By removing the critical article “a”, the counterfeits teach an impersonal, formless, esoteric, new-age “spirit god”.
10. John 14:16 Many counterfeits change the Holy Spirit from a loving, concerned “Comforter” to simply another “Helper, Counselor”.
11. Acts 2:47 Many counterfeits change the completed act of “saved” to the working, in progress “being saved”. With this change, the counterfeits deny the complete and finished salvation in the blood of Jesus Christ to a progressive, salvation by works. You are no longer “saved” but in the process of “being saved”. See also in 1 Corinthian 1:18 and 2 Corinthians 2:15.
12. Acts 4:27 Many counterfeits abort the Lord Jesus Christ as the Father’s “holy child” to His “holy servant”. A subtle (see Genesis 3:1) and clever denial of the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The counterfeits do this again in Acts 4:30.
13. Acts 8:37 Some counterfeits completely remove this wonderful verse (and several others). Acts 8:37 is the Ethiopian eunuch getting saved. The counterfeits stop him from getting saved. Some counterfeits are a little more subtle. They do not remove the verse from the text, but will add a footnote questioning the verse and plant a seed of doubt. Sound familiar? “Yea, hath God said. . .?” Many counterfeits also remove: Matthew 17:21, 18:11, 23:14, Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46, Mark 11:26, 15:28, Luke 17:36, 23:17, John 5:4, Acts 8:37, 15:34, 24:7, 28:28, Romans 16:24 and 1 John 5:7!
14. Acts 17:29 The counterfeits change “Godhead” to the new age doctrine of “Divine Nature” or “Divine Being”.
15. Romans 6:22 Many counterfeits demote Christians from the voluntary, loving “servants of God” to cruel “enslaved” or “slaves of God”. The counterfeits describe my Father as a “slave owner” and His precious children as “slaves”. Oh how contrary and wicked to the character of my loving and wonderful Heavenly Father! This is done many times in the counterfeits. It’s amazing because the first part of Romans 6:22 reads “. . . being made free from sin,. . .” and according to the counterfeits we now are slaves!
16. 1 Corinthians 1:21 Many counterfeits change “. . .the foolishness of preaching. . .” to the “foolishness of what was preached” or “foolishness of the message preached”. The deceitful counterfeits change the object of “foolishness” from the act of “preaching” to the “message” of preaching – the gospel of the Lord Jesus. There’s nothing “foolish” about the “message” of Jesus Christ – it’s the greatest and most reasonable message in the history of the universe! 1 Corinthians 1:18, shines some eye-opening light on the counterfeiters. 1 Corinthians 1:18 says “. . . the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” It makes you wonder. . . are the publishers of these counterfeits saved?
17. 1 Corinthians 6:9 The counterfeits change the word “effeminate” to “homosexual” or “male prostitutes”. This dilutes the serious warning of just the appearance or mannerism (effeminate) to the sexual act of homosexuals.
18. 2 Corinthians 2:17 The counterfeits change the word “corrupt the word of God” to “peddling (or selling) the word of God”. An apparent attempt by the counterfeiters to hide the fact they are “corrupting the word of God”. It won’t work. . . God knows what they are doing.
19. 2 Corinthians 10:5 The counterfeits change “imaginations” to “arguments” or “obstacles” or “speculations”. This change lines the counterfeit up with the new age religion, as the new age is built upon “imaging” and “imaginations”. It also removes the spiritual identification to where sin begins – in our imaginations.
20. Colossians 1:14 Many counterfeits remove the phrase “through his blood”. Salvation is only “through his blood”. Without shedding of blood is no remission of sins (Hebrews 9:22)
21. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 The counterfeits change “all appearance of evil” to “every form (or kind) of evil”.
22. 1 Timothy 3:16 Many counterfeits change the crucial word “God” to the unmodified, vague pronoun “he”. This is the clearest verse in the Bible stating that Jesus Christ was “God manifest in the flesh” and the counterfeits destroy it.
23. 1 Timothy 6:10 The counterfeits add the words “kinds of”. This addition dilutes the conclusive statement, “. . .the love of money is the root of all evil” to the subjective “. . .the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”.
24. 2 Timothy 2:15 The counterfeits remove the word “study”. The counterfeits do not want you to study your Bible. You might just find out they are mutilating it.
25. Revelation 1:5 Many counterfeits change the wonderful words “washed us from our sins in his own blood,” to “loosed” or “freed” us from our sins. Revelation 1:5 is the only verse in the Bible that says you are washed in the blood – and the counterfeits destroy it. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.
Which Bible is the true Word of God?
“I want to know one thing — the way to heaven; how to land safe on that happy shore. God Himself has condescended to teach the way; for this very end He came from heaven. He hath written it down in a Book.
O give me that Book! At any price, give me the Book of God!”
— John Wesley
This tract and others are available in “printed” form.To order printed tracts.
Ronald Reagan and The King James Bible
Table documenting over 300 verses changed in the new versions.
Table documenting complete verses removed in the new versions.
Table documenting 15 major Bible words removed in the new versions.
The New International PERVersion
The New King James Bible: Counterfeit.
Articles on Translation Issues

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Dr. Stan Monteith - Exposing Freemasonry

The Freemasons is a evil cult and their goal is to create a new world order. Dr Stan Monteith exposes this network of secret societies such as freemasons odd fellows and the illuminati and their globalist agenda .
The Masonic fraternity tramples upon our rights, defeats the administration of justice, and bids defiance to every government which it cannot control." -13th US President Millard Fillmore
The institution of Masonry ought to be abandoned as one capable of much evil, and incapable of producing any good which might not be affected by safe and open means." -Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall " A conspiracy of the few against the equal rights of the many"- John Quincy Adams

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Changing A "Free" Society Into A Tyrannical Globalist Society

This video explains the causes of "Free" vs "Tyrannical" societal structures.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.  But it cannot survive treason from within.  An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.  For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear."    Marcus Tullius Cicero

The left is a painting done in 1563 of the Tower of Babel, by Pieter Brueghel the Elder, a Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter. On the right is a poster produced by the European Union symbolically depicting their mission. It combines the 12 stars of the EU flag with the rebuilding of the tower of Babel with the motto Europe: Many Tongues One Voice. Note also that the stars are shown as inverted pentagrams...

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Changing "Healthcare" From A Business Into A Tool Of Democide (Murder By Government)

BUSTED!: Communists Caught Altering History to Protect Obama

Sooooo BUSTED!: Communists Caught Altering History to Protect Obama

Communists have a well deserved reputation for altering history or "sanitizing the past to suit their purpose. But that's all in the past, they are open and honest now.... they would never use deception to advance their agenda, would they......?

President Obama has a long history with several radical groups, including the Communist Party USA.

The communists naturally want to protect their "friend" from negative fallout should such associations become publicly known.

It seems they are even willing to censor or alter their own publications to hide evidence of their past support for the President. Thankfully "wayback" provides proof positive of the communist's deliberate dishonesty

Below is a screen shot of the original article, taken as it appeared on the Communist Party USA website as at December 30, 2007. Note the reference to Communist Party support for Obama in the 2004 U.S. Senate primaries.

Below is a screen shot of the edited article (current version):

Note that the sentence, "Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election." has been scrubbed from the above article.

Rub the communists face in their clumsy attempt at deception. Email this post to every patriot you know. Also send it to any honest Democrats in your circle of friends or colleagues and ask them what they think of this blatant attempt to hide the Communist Party's ties to the President.

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Change Via American Schools And Institutions

In this interview, Samuel Blumenfeld explains the work of the Fabian Society inside the US school system and refers to America's modern school system founder, John Dewey, as America's Lenin, the leader in a revolution to destroy America from within. This is one of several videos posted of this interview, I hope you will take the time to view the entire interview. It will open your eyes to the "whys" of what appears to be destructive actions of education leadership in the US.

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By Steve Lashuk

This is a reprint of a well researched document written by Dr. Atkinson, author of many books on how a well organized radical cartel is destroying the existing social culture in America.

In this article, I take one exception with the author for using the term "radical feminism." Therefore I prompt the reader to reflect on the term "feminism" in order to recognize its true form, which is "lesbianism."

Likewise I take exception with the author for not factoring the connection between modern feminism and lesbianism. His brilliant research and analyst falls short of identifying the root cause into the motives for destroying the heterosexual male, whereas the root is lesbianism.

Relatively, just like a general leading battle, first and foremost he must know who his enemy is. The same holds true for today's culture struggle. We must not allow the "Lesbian Mafia" to ride into power on their Trojan-Horse disguised as feminist. ...more

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Obama's "Change"; Saul Alinsky In A Nutshell

According to Alinsky, the organizer — especially a paid organizer from outside — must first overcome suspicion and establish credibility. Next the organizer must begin the task of agitating: rubbing resentments, fanning hostilities, and searching out controversy. This is necessary to get people to participate. An organizer has to attack apathy and disturb the prevailing patterns of complacent community life where people have simply come to accept a bad situation. Alinsky would say, “The first step in community organization is community disorganization.”

Through a process combining hope and resentment, the organizer tries to create a “mass army” that brings in as many recruits as possible from local organizations, churches, services groups, labor unions, corner gangs, and individuals.

Rule 1: Power is not only what you have, but what an opponent thinks you have. If your organization is small, hide your numbers in the dark and raise a din that will make everyone think you have many more people than you do.

Rule 2: Never go outside the experience of your people.
The result is confusion, fear, and retreat.

Rule 3: Whenever possible, go outside the experience of an opponent. Here you want to cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

Rule 4: Make opponents live up to their own book of rules. “You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

Rule 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It’s hard to counterattack ridicule, and it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.

Rule 6: A good tactic is one your people enjoy. “If your people aren’t having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.”

Rule 7: A tactic that drags on for too long becomes a drag. Commitment may become ritualistic as people turn to other issues.

Rule 8: Keep the pressure on. Use different tactics and actions and use all events of the period for your purpose. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this that will cause the opposition to react to your advantage.”

Rule 9: The threat is more terrifying than the thing itself. When Alinsky leaked word that large numbers of poor people were going to tie up the washrooms of O’Hare Airport, Chicago city authorities quickly agreed to act on a longstanding commitment to a ghetto organization. They imagined the mayhem as thousands of passengers poured off airplanes to discover every washroom occupied. Then they imagined the international embarrassment and the damage to the city’s reputation.

Rule 10: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Avoid being trapped by an opponent or an interviewer who says, “Okay, what would you do?”

Rule 11: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame.

According to Alinsky, the main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

Interview of KGB Defector, Yuri Bezmenov

Social Engineering's Techniques in Mind Control

Bertrand Russell spills the beans
by Jeffrey Steinberg

"Indoctrination must be part of the program, not because socialist want to be brainwashers, but because socialism requires brainwashing." - Thomas Sowell

The $9 billion a year video-game industry in America, which contributed mightily to the carnage at Littleton, Paducah, and Jonesboro, is far more than the mere commercial exploitation of techniques and technologies developed as ``legitimate'' training instruments for the military and law enforcement agencies. To understand the roots of this new form of ``Manchurian Candidate'' programmed terrorism, it is necessary to go back to World War II and the immediate postwar period, when there was a concerted effort launched, by the Frankfurt School and the London Tavistock Institute, to use the Marxist/Freudian perversion of psychology and other social sciences, as instruments for mass social control and brainwashing. The two pillars of the assault on the American intellectual tradition were cybernetics and the drug counterculture.

At that time, a number of prominent social scientists openly spelled out their goal, of using the wartime-tested techniques of mass psychological manipulation, to pervert and control the American people. And in most instances, their emphasis was on children, and the need to destroy the fabric of family life.

Lord Bertrand Russell, who joined with the Frankfurt School in this effort at mass social engineering, spilled the beans, in his 1951 book, The Impact of Science on Society. He wrote:
"Physiology and psychology afford fields for scientific technique which still await development. Two great men, Pavlov and Freud, have laid the foundation. I do not accept the view that they are in any essential conflict, but what structure will be built on their foundations is still in doubt. I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology.... Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called "education." Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part.... It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment.''

Russell continued, ``The subject will make great strides when it is taken up by scientists under a scientific dictatorship....The social psychologists of the future will have a number of classes of school children on whom they will try different methods of producing an unshakable conviction that snow is black. ...(more)

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Video Clips Showing Subverted Youth


"Beck's show is so good that I'm convinced if a person doesn't watch it on a regular basis, it's almost impossible for him to understand the true causes of the moral and economic collapse of the United States – or even that it is collapsing – because no one else on TV covers most of the stories he dissects in impeccable detail. His modus operandi has been to expose the bad guys through their own words by playing audio and video of them shooting off their mouths and by quoting their writings.

For quite some time now, I have believed that Beck has become so good at exposing the truth, so well-respected and so powerful that the Forces of Darkness in the White House and Congress view him as a major threat to their aspirations to eliminate the Constitution, the rule of law and individual sovereignty in the United States. (In fact, they now refer to him as "the Beck problem.")

But, as I have written in the past, the Obamafia is in a no-win situation with Beck. If its leaders ignore him, he will continue to disrobe Chairman Obama and his malevolent progressive pals through their own spoken and written words.

On the other hand, as they have already discovered, the more they try to discredit Beck, the more attention they draw to him – and the more people will learn about the details of how they plan to fundamentally transform America. Worse, their childish mudslinging is no match for Beck's 60 minutes of hard-core truth five days a week (not to mention his three-hour daily radio show)." - Robert Ringer, WND

Obama Claims Power To Create Preventative Imprisioning

How Modern Liberals Think

Government Trying to Silence Exposure Of Subversion

Socialists Coming Out Of The Closet

Public Schooling is Killing America

Links to videos, artilces, and books on details of subverters using "Useful Idiots" (the Soviets' description; not mine), through America's school system to replace the last Free country on the planet with Communist Globalism can be viewed at "The Truth About "schooling" web page.

Soviet Subversion Lecture By Yuri Bezmenov

A Summary of “Love Letter to America”

Summary of KGB Defector’s
Yuri Bezmenov’s 1984

All warfare is based primarily on the deception of an enemy. ..There is no art higher than to destroy your enemy without a fight—by SUBVERTING anything of value in the enemy’s country. -Sun Tzu

The cleanest way is to blackmail, pervert, bribe, lie and intimidate the LEADERS and the MEDIA, and they will destabilize & disunify their own country for us. Arm the procommunist or criminal factions and we have a coup; another "liberated" country.

Psychological warfare breaks down the opposite side's home defenses without a shot being fired, is waged by Soviet Communism throughout the communication media. -John Rees “Accuracy in Media”

Whether anyone is on payroll for the KGB or not, whether he helps to spread Communism willingly or by ignorance, whether he is punished or at large - is immaterial. What matters is the final sum of our individual actions, decisions, and compromise with our conscious. This is where every one of us is accountable to the future and God. 
-Alex Kosachov

As a war-time child, Yuri survived partly thanks to such "decadent capitalist'" (as the Soviets say) things as "Spam" meat, condensed milk and egg powder that were supplied to my country by the USA. For former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenoz tells us these foods were a symbol of love from a friend when I was in need. “No amount of communist propaganda against America has ever been able to convince me that the United States out to "colonize and exploit."”

Defectors like Yuri, left behind relative affluence and risking death to join the "progressive workers paradise" in Russia to come to America, willing to be "exploited by capitalists" and enjoy "oppression" with Americans because they knew -- America IS A BETTER place.

Yuri entreats us; “Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE AT WAR. And you may lose this war very soon, together with all your affluence and freedoms, unless you start defending yourselves.” He calls it “World Communist Aggression”, and tells “this war is fought against YOU-- personally.”

Yuri continues, “Communist wars of world aggression are not fought for liberty and equality. We have thousands of unequivocal examples of the horrendous human suffering, torture and mass death that occur after a Soviet "liberation." The final stage of Communist aggression-- military confrontation-- has very little to do with geopolitical gains in order to free and liberate. It is a total war against humanity and human civilization. In Communist propaganda terms, the former head of the Soviet KGB, called this war, "the final struggle for the MINDS and hearts of the people."

The driving force of this war has very little to do with natural aspirations of people for better lives and greater freedoms. … this war of aggression is IDEOLOGY--  conducted by IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION-- the process of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of peoples all over the world.

 Having been trained and used by the KGB for their global ideological subversion campaign, Yuri had first¬hand knowledge about the methods they use. He knew their ultimate goals, which are very far from the liberty, equality and freedom they verbally espouse. Because he had seen the tragic consequences of subversion, Yuri has given us information on how to SURVIVE in this "final struggle for minds and hearts."

United States as the last real frontier of freedom. This is it, dear Americans, your country (and mine now) will be the last to be "liberated" by Marxists, socialists, and domestic "do-gooders." If the "liberationists" succeed in bringing their "New Order" to America, chances are you and I will meet in front of a firing squad-- or worse in a "re-education" forced labor camp in the Alaskan Peoples Democratic Republic.

There are too many concrete examples of what Communist "liberation" has done in other countries to pretend Yuri is wrong when he warns the U.S. is on the brink of disaster. No matter how many problems the U.S. may have, it is nothing in comparison if the U.S. continues to agree and sympathize with communist/ socialist doctrines.

We have nothing to risk by listening to Yuri & discerning as to whether he is  a "cold war paranoiac," as U.S. media calls him, or whether my message makes sense. (See his lectures and interviews posted on

YURI”S STORY: He was brought up under the shadow of comrade Stalin, however, unlike certain Western intellectuals and liberals, he did not require half a century to realize the "leaders" of the USSR are self-imposed dictators-- mass murderers, and the ideology of Marxism-Leninism is an absolutely false system -- early morning bread lines, because there was so little to eat; the frequents arrests of "enemies of the people" and the omnipresent fear of the KGB, the actual ruthless exploitation of India by Soviet neo-colonialists he witnessed first-hand.

Is it that the Indians were stupid, ignorant people, that they allow the Soviets to deceive them? On the contrary for the most part, they were innocent victims of one of the world's most sophisticated con games; “Ideological Subversion”. They have been psychologically manipulated through media, politics, etc. into believing that the Soviets are their friends who are protecting them from the "Western imperialists." This same subversion game is being played all over the world-- even in America, KGB influence in our media, politics, & education has produced a growing conviction on the part of many Americans that we are the "bad guys"—

Yuri believed in "Socialism with a human face." That faith was shattered irreparably only five years later, when he witnessed the brutal Soviet military intervention into "fraternal" Czechoslovakia in 1968.

He discovered about 75% of his employer, Novosti Press Agency's staffers were actually KGB officers; the other 25%, were "co-optees," or KGB freelance writers & informers like himself. He also discovered there was no "news" at Novosti. His main job, was the spreading of "disinformation" to foreign countries for the purposes of Soviet propaganda and subversion.

In addition to the bribery and corruption of Indian officials, blackmail and intrusion into the internal affairs of India, the Soviets went one step further in their 'brotherly assistance' to open a new department innocently titled "Research and Counter-Propaganda Group." Yuri became a deputy chief. There was neither “research” nor “counter-propaganda”. Behind locked doors they accumulated intelligence from various sources, including Indian informers and agents, regarding virtually EVERY important and politically significant citizen

Those who were “friendly” and ready to invite the Soviet expansionist policy into their own country were promoted to higher positions. Those who refused to be “flexible” and take a voluntary role in this cruel farce were thoroughly character-assassinated.

One example of how the KGB uses the information it collects was that in 1968, after the S. Vietnamese city of Hue had been captured by the Hanoi Communists, and was re-captured by the US Army and allied forces, only two days later, the CIA discovered to their horror that several thousand Vietnamese-- teachers, priests, Buddhists, businessmen, and educated citizens-- everyone who was “pro-American,” had been rounded up by the invaders and IN ONE NIGHT, taken out of the city limits and executed.

All of these people within only a few hours in a large city?”-- the Americans wondered. Long before the invasion there was an extensive network of Communist informers filing every bit of information: addresses, personal habits, political affiliations, expressed ideas, unexpressed thoughts revealed in informal and private conversations, even the names and addresses of relatives, friends, even lovers and mistresses of the future victims of “liberation”;

Yuri’s KGB supervisor coached him: “Don't bother with prostitutes; there is nothing more dangerous than disillusioned “true believers” in Communism.  Soviets have absolutely no shame in executing their own “converts.”

Yuri defected to become a freelance writer and political analyst, trying-- though not always successfully, to awaken the Western populace to the realities of life under the Soviet system and to the IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION that is being practiced upon them daily.

The art of duping the masses into doing things to their own disadvantage and making them believe it is "the will of people" is as ancient as mankind itself. Yuri explains the essence of subversion is best expressed in the famous Marxist slogan, (if you substitute "proletarians" for a more appropriate word): "Useful idiots of the world UNITE!” To achieve the desired effect, the subverter must first make idiots out of normal people, and DIVIDE them, before turning the people into a homogenized mass of useful and united idiots. Tanks and missiles may or may not be needed at final stage. For the time being they are simply the means of terrorizing people into inaction and submission.

500 years before Christ, the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu formulated the principle of subversion this way:
1. Cover with ridicule all valid traditions in your opponent's country.
2. Implicate their leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of their populace at the right time; 
3. Disrupt the work of their government by every means; 
4. Do not shun the aid of the lowest and most despicable individuals of your enemy's country. 
5. Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens.
6. Turn the young against the old.
7. Be generous with promises & rewards to collaborators.

These same instructions are found in a document classified as secret, "Rules of Revolution," by the Communist International for "young revolutionaries".
1. Corrupt the young, get them interested in sex, take them away from religion. Make them superficial and enfeebled. 
2. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial issues of no importance. 
3. Destroy people's faith in their national leaders by holding the latter up for contempt, ridicule and disgrace. 
4. Always preach democracy, but seize power as fast and as ruthlessly as possible.
5. By encouraging government extravagances, destroy its credit, produce years of inflation with rising prices and general discontent.
6. Incite unnecessary strikes in vital industries, encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of the government towards such disorders. 
7. Cause breakdown of the old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, self-restraint, faith in the pledged word.

I can not vouch for authenticity of this document, which, according to American conservative media was captured by the Allied forces alter WW II in defeated Germany, in Dusseldorf. But I can assure you, that these “rules” are almost a literal interpretation of Marxism’s “theories and practices” which I learned from my KGB superiors and colleagues within the 'Novosti' Press Agency.

Yuri outlined for us the movement of a target nation from the state of “open society” where one can work, have private property, criticize it without fear of being declared an “enemy of people.” It is a society, based on free individual initiative and the free market system, to a “closed” one.

All you have to do to “screw up” the status quo of a free nation, is to borrow ONE false idea from the ideology of a communist or totalitarian government. For example, the idea of “egalitarianism.” “People born equal therefore must be equal.” Sounds great. But look at yourselves. Were you born equal? Some of you weighed 7 pounds at birth, others 6 or 5... Are you NOW equal? In any way? Physically, mentally, emotionally, racially, spiritually? Now, let's figure out what will happen if we LEGISLATE EQUALITY, and make the concept of “equality” a cornerstone and pillar of socio-economical and political system. You don't have to be a great economist or sociologist to foresee that some of the people who are “less equal” would demand as much as those who are “more equal” BY LAW!

 There will be some who get more for GIVING less and take advantage of those, who are even “less equal,” say, in the art of TAKING. And to avoid the squabble for “equal redistribution” you will have to introduce a THIRD FORCE-- the State. People were never equal.

The best political/economic system, created by the Fathers of America, has nothing to do with LEGISLATED or enforced equality. The American Republic is based on the principle of EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES for UNEQUAL and very much DIFFERENT and diverse individuals to develop their abilities and to coexist in mutually beneficial cooperation.

Chronic instability breeds radicalism, the precondition of a power struggle which may result in violent replacement of power structures through civil war, or invasion of a “friendly and fraternal” neighbor, and ends up in state control. Depending on (or absence of) common sense, this control will manifest itself in the creation of a “closed society”-- the opposite of what we had in the beginning. Borders are closed, censorship of the media is established, “irritants” and “enemies” of the state are executed, etc.

It is possible to conquer this nation using the preconditions Yuri has described, created by Americans themselves, and diverting America's attention away from these mortally dangerous preconditions.  One example is Non-critical arguments that divert America's attention from real danger. If a house was full of explosives, smart people would notice if a fire was close by and remove any flammable objects BEFORE the house catches the fire. Useful idiots will keep arguing about whether it is constitutional or not to pay firefighters, or the equality of husband and wife in domestic chores (who should remove the combustibles), until the actual explosion blows their enfeebled brains all over the neighbourhood.

It takes about 15 to 20 years to “demoralize” a nation by 'educating' ONE GENERATION of students in a target country indoctrinating them with the ideology of the subverter. It is imperative that any sufficient challenge or counter-balance by the basic moral values and ideology of this country be eliminated. In absence of ANY cohesive and consistent national ideology, subversion becomes easy. In American “education” today, ANY cohesive ideology of the original republic and the free market system is ridiculed or silenced as “intolerant”. It is not even considered 'intellectual' or fashionable to subscribe to this 'outmoded' set of ideas.

DEMORALIZATION must be a TWO-WAY street. The target nation MUST be made a RECIPIENT-- passive or active-- of the IDEAS of the subverter. Democracy is by definition a RECIPIENT of a multiplicity of ideologies and values, whether good or bad. Unfortunately 'bad' ideas are often proven and revealed only after a long period of time, during which many have allowed them to change their behaviour. Ancient Japanese rulers understood this principle very well when they virtually ISOLATED their nation from ANY foreign influence-- good, bad or neutral. A nation with a neglected indigenous ideology (America)-- automatically becomes a recipient of SUBVERSION in its early stage of DEMORALIZATION.

Anyone too preoccupied with protesting the Vietnam war, the drug/ rock music scene, taking part in 'love-ins' etc., to study and prepare for assuming their civil responsibilities, are now in positions of power and decision-making in government, business, media, & culture. To return to the American values, proven to be efficient and productive for 200 years of historically unprecedented freedom and affluence, you have to educate a NEW generation of Americans, this time in the spirit of patriotism & CAPITALISM.

LEVELS OF DEMORALIZATION : IDEAS, the highest level of subversion, affects vital areas; religion, education, media, and culture. History shows the greatest upheavals were caused by IDEAS, faiths & beliefs, not KNOWLEDGE or THINGS. Few people sacrifice their comforts and lives for such trivial things as a new car or Scientific knowledge. Scientists prefer life & affluence to death for scientific truth. No one faces a firing squad for defending the truth of 2x2=4. But FAITH in the seemingly irrelevant & immaterial teachings of Jesus Christ generated such MORAL FORCE in MILLIONS of people for the past 2000 years, that people willingly accepted violent death and tortures rather than deny Christ!

Communism and its Marxist-Leninist dogma, according to some thinkers (Dr. George Steiner for one), is another distorted form of FAITH, able to inspire martyrdom in millions. Substituting the traditional values of the Judeo-Christian heritage with Marxist-Satanic faith is one of the basic principles of subversion at the stage of DEMORALIZATION at the most effective level of IDEAS. The methods are as primitive as they are predictable. You do not have to be a graduate of a KGB school or Harvard University to figure out what kind of INTERACTION between the subverter (KGB) and target (American brains) occurs on this level.

All the SUBVERTER,  hell-bent on the idea of a “New World Order”, has to do is study the areas where your nation's IDEAS could be eroded & substituted, then slowly but consistently affect these areas by sending infiltrating Agents of Influence to inject new ideas, disseminate propagandist literature, and encourage self-destructive tendencies.

All a subverter has to do to remove the spiritual backbone of America is to help you to POLITICIZE, COMMERCIALIZE and 'ENTERTAINMENT-ALIZE' the dominant religions or take advantage of the development of various Satanic and Death cults; preaching moral relativity and removing religion (and prayer) from schools; creating 'personality cults' in religion whereby the preacher becomes a “celebrity”.  Pop-musicians with a message of 'social-justice' sugar-coated in popular 'spiritual' tunes can be actually more helpful to the KGB than someone standing in the pulpit preaching Marxist-Leninist doctrine.

Politicizing religion is the most efficient method of demoralizing a target nation. Once a nation starts giving to Caesar what belongs to God, and getting God involved in such things as 'social justice' and partisan political squabbles, it predictably loses what religion calls mercy and the grace of God. To put it in 'atheistic' terms, a target country allows the subverter to use the area of moral values for dissemination and enforcement of amoral ideas and policies. The most powerful instrument of this process is an organization called World Council of Churches, infiltrated by the KGB to such extent, that it is hard to distinguish, these days, a priest from a spy.

In Yuri’s visits with WCC members, some of them struck him as individuals pathologically unable to say or hear truth. They were simply allergic to any facts or opinions which would 'undermine' their 'spiritual' affiliation with the Soviet manipulators.

The result of demoralizationof religion is a phenomenon referred to as the “death wish”, an expression borrowed from Soviet dissident writer,Igor Shafarevich’s book; “Socialism as a Historical Phenomenon”. Dr. Shafarevich, in analyzing the 'dead' civilizations of Egypt, Maya, Mohenjo-Dara, Babylon, etc., came to an ominous conclusion: EVERY ONE OF THESE CIVILIZATIONS DIED WHEN PEOPLE REJECTED GOD, AND TRIED TO CREATE 'SOCIAL JUSTICE' ALONG THE SOCIALIST PRINCIPLES. Thus, Socialism, according to Shafarevich, may be a manifestation of an inborn human instinct of SELF-DESTRUCTION, if unrestrained-- leading ultimately to PHYSICAL DEATH OF ALL MANKIND. 

'MASS' EDUCATION is another area of subversion, done by Americans, to Americans, at the stage of demoralization. The Marxist-Leninist concept of education emphasizes 'environment' and 'mass' character education over individual abilities & quality. When American media enthusiastically reports (repeating Soviet propaganda cliches) about 'achievements of Soviet science,' they usually obscure the IDEOLOGICAL aspects and purposes of the Communist system of education. 'Massiveness' and 'universality' of education attracts Western sociologists and governmental bureaucracies alike. For the 'developing' nations this seems to be the easiest short-cut to many contemporary problems.

The Western public seldom receives the explanation of THE PRICE of state-controlled Socialist-type education: political conformity to dictatorship, ideological brainwashing, lack of individual, lagging behind in development of science and technology. It is a commonly known fact that most Soviet 'technological marvels' are stolen or bought from the West. Most technological research in the USSR is 'productive' only and always in the most destructive area: the military. Still, after more than half century of 'victorious Socialism,’ USSR is a country without even common household refrigerators, yet boasts of their 'space exploration' & tremendous military might, & have done nothing to improve day to day life of Soviet citizens.

The American romance with state-run education as encouraged by KGB subverters has already produced generations of graduates who cannot spell, cannot read a world map, & cannot THINK independently. Would Einstein have arrived at his Theory of Relativity if he had been educated in one of today’s American public schools? Most likely he would have 'discovered' marijuana and variant methods of sexual intercourse instead. Contemporary American permissiveness and moral relativity in education have greatly facilitated Soviet ideological subversion tactics.

Some methods of Soviet DEMORALIZATION of American education are:
1. Student Exchanges whereby American students and professors go to Moscow and are exposed to ideological brainwashing sometimes lacking the proper education that would allow them to assess the Soviet information they receive objectively. 
2. Flooding of campus bookstores with Marxist and Socialist literature published both in the USSR and by domestic ‘fellow travelers’;
3. International seminars and conferences with Soviet participation, where Soviet propaganda seldom is balanced by opposing viewpoints; 
4. Infiltration of schools and universities by radicals, leftists, and simply 'disturbers,’ often functioning unknowingly under the direct guidance of KGB Agents of Influence. 
5. Establishing numerous 'student' newspapers and magazines, staffed with Communists and sympathizers; 
6. Organizing 'study groups' and 'circles' for dissemination of Soviet propaganda and Communist ideology. 

A commonly known fact is that most of the most powerful media in the USA, is already MONOPOLIZED both financially & ideologically by what are referred to as 'liberals.’  Communist defectors who have literally begged to have stories of their life in the Soviet Union told to the American people via the major American media have been completely ignored.Yuri explained that one of the most devastating methods of Soviet subversion in American media is the DISCREDITING of authors like myself

NON-ISSUES is another powerful method of demoralizing at the level of IDEAS.  A “non-issue” has a solution which creates bigger problems for the majority, even though it may benefit a few (civil rights of homosexuals is not an issue; defending sexual morality is the larger, real issue). The main purpose of non-issues and the devastating result of their introduction is the SIDE-TRACKING of public opinion, energy (both mental and physical), money and TIME from constructive solutions. Soviet propaganda elevated the art of infiltrating and emphasizing non-issues in American public life to the level of actual state policy.

Addictive 'MASS CULTURE': A Canadian writer wrote something like this: If I were a Communist agent in America with millions of dollars, I would not waste it in bribing pubic servants … I would encourage the sleaz-smiths of that region to turnout more and more garage 'culture'... ..Anything that prompted insubordination, any-thing that contributes to confusion and exasperation would be most liberally endowed to create  an adult generation that could easily go out of control. ..America would look desperately for any kind of discipline to rescue them and THERE-- pretty as a picture, would be Communism, the most iron-fisted discipline since Sparta. The victory would be bloodless... Except of course in concentration camps, torture, prisons, and few things like that. But nobody would know about that because of censorship of the press. This was written in 1959! The accuracy of this description of Subversion activity stunned Yuri.

Yes, KGB encourages DEMORALIZATION of America through the 'mass culture' by relying upon the help of the “useful idiots” of the entertainment business. No, the Beatles, Punks and Michael Jackson are not on the KGB payroll. They are on YOUR payroll. All the KGB had to do is to slowly and gradually CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDES and kill your RESISTANCE to the demoralizing addiction your kids call 'music,’ make it acceptable, NORMAL; make it a part of 'American culture' where it docs not belong and never did.

In the area of “Law and Order,” the method of demoralization is to promote and enforce the prevalence of the “legalistic” approach over the “moral” one. Several generations of American lawyers and law-makers, graduating from the 'liberal' (that is LEFTIST, Socialist¬oriented) schools, after long-time exposure to the Socialist IDEOLOGY, have already created an atmosphere in the U.S. judicial system whereby “underprivileged” criminals are treated as a “victims” of the “cruel American society,” and the real victim (the law-abiding society) is turned into defenseless taxpayers,

By encouraging individual RIGHTS over OBLIGATIONS (private, financial, moral, patriotic etc.) subverters create a society composed of IRRESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUALS, each one “doing his own thing,” and acting according to the “law of jungle.” Such subversion of society is the first step to tyranny.  The majority of civilian population of this nation is virtually without civil laws or protection from murderers, lunatics, criminals, etc.

American media presents a picture of CIA and FBI as a 'mirror reflection' of the KGB. False. The KGB is a POWER which systematically & ruthlessly MURDERED about SIXTY MILLION of its citizens, & still engages in killing of innocent defenseless people all over the world. How many were killed by the CIA? 

'Quiet Diplomacy'; Arkady Shevchenko, the USSR representative in the UN, gave breath-taking accounts on how the Communists are using 'diplomacy' for subversion. And yet all the crowds of “experts” and “kremlinologists” are seemingly unable to put the pieces together and raise their voices AGAINST dealing with the Communists in a 'diplomatic' way.

Marxist-Leninist ideology have greatly contributed to the process of American family break-up. Americans, brought up in broken families, are already adults lacking one of the most vital qualities for the survival of a nation-- LOYALTY.  A child who has not learned to be loyal to his family will hardly make a loyal citizen. Such a child may grow into an adult loyal to the State though. The goal of the subverter is to substitute, as painlessly as possible, the concept of loyalty for the “welfare state”, who gives everything & can TAKE everything, including freedom-- from every citizen.

Myths are being promoted in the U.S. about 'free health care' in the USSR. In arranged interviews with Soviet doctors, telling guests about the 'glorious achievements' of Soviet surgery with no way of checking if these 'achievements' were available to USSR collective farmers or workers in Siberia. They are not.

Racial and ethnic interrelations is one of the most vulnerable areas for demoralization. There are not too many “capitalist” countries where ethnic minorities have it as good as in the USA. Yuri states that American society is the least discriminatory. The Communist 'solution' for racial problem is 'final': they simply murder those who are different AND stubbornly insist on remaining different.

Private Property owners will fight an invader until last bullet ON HIS LAND. “Underprivileged” or urbanized masses on the other hand, may feel like meeting an invader with flowers and red banners. ALIENATION of people from privately-owned land is one of the very important methods of DEMORALIZATION.

With the ideological infiltration of some labour unions in the USA, what sort of MORALITY does it take to make medical nurses leave sick and dying patients in hospital beds and walk out to strike for fifty cents an hour more in pay?  What makes unionized electricians leave a city without power in the middle of a severe winter and let several children in “under privileged” slums freeze to DEATH?  How desperate for money must a unionized truck driver be to SHOOT TO DEATH a strike-breaking colleague, father of five? Surely, each individual American, who commits these outrageously AMORAL acts is not that cruel and egocentric. And, let's face it, not THAT broke. So, why? -- IDEOLOGICAL DEMORALIZATION.

Subverted Unions are not motivated by the desire to IMPROVE working conditions and wages. In many cases it is not bargaining at all-- it's blackmail. And in the process of the unlimited growth of union POWER, the American worker loses the only relevant and real freedom he has in his country: the freedom to choose, to work or not to work, and for how much.

STAGE TWO: DESTABILIZATION: Efforts of subverter narrow down to the “essentials”:  Foreign relations; economy and “social fiber.” If the preceding stage of DEMORALIZATION is successful, they help YOU to bring your own society into the state of DESTABILIZATION.  This  takes  from 2 to 5 years, depending on the maturity of a nation and its ability to mobilize for resistance.

Power Struggle: The first symptom of instability is expressed as the desire of the population to bring to power those politicians and parties who promise more “free” social services and other “pleasure strokes” & short-term solutions.  They will have to pay a much higher price for the main and basic problem-- bringing the country back to stability and restoring the moral fiber.

Demoralized and enfeebled 'masses' tend to grab the 'easiest' short-cut solution to social ills and socialism seems to them to be the best answer.

The final destruction is of the free bargaining process the predominant economic power moves into the hands of “Big Brother,” the State.   The famous 'division of powers' no longer governs, but rather is replaced by bureaucracy.

In the area of foreign relations, few remaining friendly nations look with horror at the destiny of those nations who were betrayed and abandoned by the USA and try to find 'their own solutions,’ which often comes as 'establishing friendly relations' with the USSR and its Communist empire.  The majority of Americans are made to believe that it is their country—- America-- who 'violates' international law, not the USSR and its surrogates. The average American may not even realize that the 'International Court' is nothing but an artificial creature of the Soviet-controlled General Assembly of the UN.

CRISIS, STAGE THREE: may take only 2 to 6 months, to bring America to the same situation which now exists South of the border in Central America.  If all the previous stages of Soviet subversion have been successfully completed by that time, the majority of Americans will be so totally confused that they may even WELCOME some ‘strong' leaders who 'know how to talk to the Russians.   Redistribution of wealth and a massive propaganda campaign by the newly 'elected' government will  'explain' and justify the reforms.

Concentration camps and executions come at the stage of... NORMALIZATION: THE FOURTH AND LAST STAGE

Any normal nation would definitely resist such a 'progressive change.’  according to the 'classics or Marxism-Leninism' there will arise pockets of resistance, Reforms (or DESTRUCTION to be more accurate) of the security agencies, (police and military) by the new government may lead to a situation of ‘split loyalties’ among law enforcement officers and render the majority of the population defenseless. At this point, to avoid 'the bloodshed,’ the subverter moves to NORMALIZATION,: the vanquished country was brought BY FORCE into the NORMAL state of SOCIALISM: namely, subjugation.

You will start seeing 'friendly' Soviet soldiers in the streets of our cities working together with American soldiers and the 'new' police force to 'restore law and order.’

American socialist radicals and 'do-gooders’ who were working so hard to bring 'progress' to their own country will find themselves IN PRISONS and hastily-built concentration camps. Many of them will be EXECUTED, quietly or publicly.  The Soviet 'liberators' will have no further use for the 'disturbers.’ The 'useful idiots' will have completed their work. From then on the New Order will need STABILITY and NEW MORALITY. No more 'grass roots' movements. No more criticism of the State. The Press will obediently censor itself.  This censorship is already existing NOW, imposed by the so-called U.S. 'liberals' and socialist do-gooders. 

What if it does happen here? Why take chances? What are the SOLUTIONS? There are different solutions for different stages of subversion. If a nation has enough common sense to STOP subversion at the very beginning of the DEMORALIZATION stage, you may never need the painful and drastic solutions needed to deal with the CRISIS stage.

The most general solution is to STOP AIDING THE SUBVERTER. You are still living in a free society and you are able to force your elected politicians to change their policies toward the Communist world. If YOU, personally do not see anything wrong in dealing with the Communism,  you should begin learning more about it, not from your monopolized media, but from the independent media and and from defectors who have experienced Communism first-hand