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Change Through Bible Translation; A Few Fingerprints

Here are a few quotes from this video: (full transcript)

"New World Order, or NWO. What is it?

In its simplest form, it's basically two things:
1. It's a world without God.
2. It's a world without reminders of God."

Quoting Manley P. Hall:
  • ..."World problems will not be solved except by creating a solution up through and out through the people themselves; and so, no postwar program can be successful unless at least three and probably five generations of social conditioning goes with it."..."The way of that conditioning would be the one used in Central Europe to condition Nazi Minds".... 
  • ..."Teaching it would have to start in the first grade of the public schools." 
  • ... "For the last hundred years we have been trying to get out an edition of the Bible that is reasonably correct; but nobody wants it. What's wanted is the good old King James version"... 
...Never mind Hall totally made up a false teaching in order to slam the King James Bible-believers. Note what he said: "For the last hundred years WE have been trying to get out an edition of the Bible that is reasonably correct."

Who is "we"? Hall is an occultist. Who was he involved with? And what did "they" do to the Bible, between 1844 and 1944?  (Codex sinaticus from which all the new age translations are derived, was "discovered" in 1844.) What does an occultist, who doesn't believe the Bible, have to do with "fixing" the Bible?

In Hall's April 1, 1935 monthly newsletter, Hall said this: "Of importance to students of occultism is the fact that the Codex Sinaiticus contains many passages suppressed from the published Gospels. These passages in many cases greatly alter the significance of the text."

Add to this the problem of Constatine Simonides, an expert palaeographer, went to his grave claiming that he and his uncle (Benedict) created what became known as the "Codex Sinaticus" to be a gift to the Czar of Russia.

Here are some comments in a letter written by occutist Helana Blavatsky concerning the "discovery" of the Codex Sinaiticus by Constantine von Tischendorf at St. Cathrine's Monestary.

Here is an article that explains a little about the connections of Wescott and Hort, and Helena Blavatsky to the translation issue. The author comments, "Wherever we find spiritualism, occultism and satanism, we find the infallibililty of the King James Bible decried, and the Revised Version exalted".

In 1844 Westcott entered Trinity College, Cambridge, where he was invited to join the secret society called Cambridge Apostles. (Becoming an Apostle involves taking an oath of secrecy and listening to the reading of a curse, originally written by Apostle Fenton John Anthony Hort, around 1851.  Why would a Christian want to use a Bible translation written by someone involved in the occult, secret societies, and writing curses?

Quotes from Q & A page of Doc Marquis; former Illuminati witch:
  • "A: I will NEVER change my stance in regards to the Authorize 1611 King James Translation of the Holy Scriptures. It is a perfect English translation while the other 100+ are nothing but Illuminati perversions designed to create confusion and dissension, along with making sure folks would have an almost near impossible time trying to get saved through those perverted texts."
  • "Q: ... I know you only use the KJV 1611 Bible version, so do I, I was just wondering which Bible version do most former satanist turned Christian use and why do most of them choose that particular Bible version after coming out of the occult? A: It’s the one that the Illuminati know is the true version and that the others they created in the 70’s and after all perversions because they made them that way. "
  • Q: "...regarding the Illuminati - why do they hide their symbols everywhere? When watching your videos, specifically the ones about the layout of Washington DC, I keep thinking that it does look rather strange... - why would they even go to the trouble? I thought they wanted to keep their business a secret. ...A: Understand, they do those thing to "mark their territories". In other words, this shows that such and such place has been claimed for Lucifer. That’s the straight and short of it; they’re simply marking the territories they have claimed for Lucifer.
Here are a few passages of which to test for significant changes:
  • If one hears the challenge that the Bible says it is lying, they get that from Jeremiah 8:8 being changed.  The wording "in vain" means "no one is listening".  Changed versions say "lying".
  • In the changed versions, look at who is in the fire with Radshack, Michak and Abendigo in Daniel 3:25the son of G_d (Jesus), or the son of the "gods".
  • Is Jesus going to be with us till the end of the world, or does he check out when the old age of Pisces ends and before the new age of Aquarius starts. Matthew 28:20
  • Is the end of Mark 16:9-19 missing or footnoted? 
  • Is Acts 8:37 missing or footnoted? 
  • Compare the "test of the spirit" given in 1 John 4:3.  If it leaves out the words "in the flesh" it does not pass the very "test of the spirit" being described.
  • The claim that the trinity is not in the Bible is only true in changed translations.  The trinity is in 1 John 4:7. in Textus Receptus versions.
For anyone learning or helping others to navigate the translation issue, I highly recommend getting a copy of the Hendrickson Parallel Bible.  It has 4 versions sided by side on each page with the Textus Receptus (KJV) on the far left. The next column has a mixed version with both Sinaiticus and Textus Receptus intertwined (NKJV). Then the other 2 versions are both Sinaiticus only (NIV and NLT).  It is quite helpful to see the changes side by side.  You can see, very quickly, the KJV being the only one staying constant.

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