Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 Quotes on "Change" Via Elite Hijacking Of So Called "Education"

Education for Social Change
SEPTEMBER 18, 2012

Education has long been recognized as a major tool for social transformation. The latest edition of Forcing Change, which has been up for a while and available for download to Forcing Change members, focuses on this education-transformation paradigm.

Here are some quotes, from diverse sources, highlighting education for social change.Image
1. “I have suggested that the textbooks be rewritten in terms of right human relations and not from the present nationalistic and separative angles… To all of these I would like to add that one of our immediate educational objectives must be the elimination of the competitive spirit and the substitution of the cooperative consciousness.”

- Alice Bailey [a leading occultist who influenced Robert Muller, founder of the United Nations World Core Curriculum], Education in the New Age (Lucis Trust), p.74.

2. “Educational institutions play an important part in most societies as agents of social control, cultural change, and, not least, social selection.”

- A.H. Halsey, “Education and Social Selection,” Power and Ideology in Education (Oxford University Press, 1977), p.167.

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