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Change With The Help Of "Pastors"

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"In Davos, the most powerful leaders in the world joined together in a convergence like none other. Who came to the table? Rick Warren and Brian McLaren. These two religious “superpowers” are now actively seeking sizable funding for global unity projects (Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. Plan and McLaren’s brand new “convergence plan,” respectively.

The following article from Sarah is full of links to keep you busy for awhile. But trust me, it is worth the effort you will spend to be informed: Rick Warren & Brian McLaren at DAVOS By Sarah Leslie ~ Originally published at Herescope and reprinted here.

Says Felix Salmon of UpStart Business Journal:

The biggest surprise of Davos so far for me? Rick Warren. Being a cosmopolitan atheist type, I’d heard of him, of course, but thought he was, well, author of a bestselling self-help book and pastor of a megachurch somewhere. What I didn’t realise was that he’s been coming to Davos for years, and that he can work his magic on Masters of the Universe – and cynical hacks – just as much as he can on his congregation at home.
"If you’re a global leader, you have to realise that the future of the world is not secularism,” he (Rick Warren), said at a panel on faith and modernity moderated by Tony Blair. “There is going to be more religion, not less. You may not like it, but that’s the way it is.”"
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If that isn't bad enough, check out this quote by Rick Warren, “I actually learned the idea of a campaign, from the Communists, of all people.  Years ago, there was a book written called, Dedication and Leadership.  It was written in the fifties, by the head of the Communist Party of England, who converted to Christ.  He actually became a Catholic.  And he wrote this book on what the Church could learn from the Communists, not about “doctrine” but you know, we know our doctrine, but what were some of the tools that they used to help win converts to Communism, and he wrote this book called Dedication and Leadership.  It is still in print, by Notre Dame Press.  It’s not a very well-known book, but it’s Douglas Hyde–if you are a pastor and you want to pick it up.” 

 This video shows him say this here at the 8:15 minute mark: 

Above video is posted here

If you don't see this as a problem with this, look what the Blaze reported on what the Russian News Agency "Pravda" had to say about those using Communist techniques:

"Pravda made a bold statement over the weekend: the communists have won in America with Barack Obama. Why? Because, much like Russia’s past communist leaders, Americans re-elected him for a second term without so much as a stated economic strategy for success. Not even Glenn could disagree with the Russian “news” outlet.
“This is Pravda. And they are saying Obama is bringing America old‑style Soviet Communist practices."  (full article here)

Next, we have Warren in this video talking about using the tactics of Hitler (see the video in the above video on "Transendental Meditation" being used by Hitler)

What is problematic here is that Rick Warren is supposedly a "disciple" of Jesus which means he follows Jesus' instruction and tries to emulate Jesus according to Jesus' instruction, but the tactics of Communism, and Nazism rely on communing with evil spirits or demons to bring about world power under one entity. And that one entity is not the Jesus of the Bible.  These two ideas are irreconcilable.

All Pastors and Americans alike, like the one making the comment above, need to educate themselves on "Communism" so that they don't fall prey to what  Richard Wurmbrand, who was tortured in a Communist prison for 14 years for preaching the Gospel, founder of Voice of The Martyrs, discovered: a Communist department specifically for subversion of churches called "Orginform"

In his book, "Marx: Prophet Of Darkness", Wurbrand writes this:

"A gigantic organism has been created by the Soviet Secret Police to destroy the churches in the whole world. Their first aim is to cancel or minimise the hostility of religions toward Communism. Additionally, they seek allies within the churches so they may use clerical prestige to bring the mass of believers into the camp of revolution. The name of this department is Orginform. It has secret cells in every country, in every large religious organisation. One can assume that anti-Communist organisations and missions working behind the Iron Curtain are its main target. Communist agents specialising in propaganda and provocation infiltrate churches and missions to prepare the ideological disarmament of the faithful.
These schools prepare false pastors, priests, imams, and rabbis; each must understand thoroughly their respective theology. Some of them entrench themselves in churches or missions by posing as refugees. ...  Full text here
I also highly recommend the above book and Wurmbrand's other book, "Marx and Satan" (full text here).

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